Brook's Collected Rumors of the Fever Sea

Poxy “Peg” Pearl

Poxy “Peg” Pearl was a cruel woman with a sense of humor to match. She had a talent for crafting shipwrecks in a bottle, but was run out of Ollo when someone taking a closer look claimed to see miniature crew moving around inside as well!

A witch to be sure, but one who may have a vast collection of shrunken treasure! If we make port at Ollo, I will be sure to ask around. -Brook

A woman to be wary of, but what use is a pinch of gold? -One-Boot

Tidewater Rock

Twice now, we have heard old salts mention, “Good fortune to those who take Tidewater Rock!”

Tidewater Rock is an island fortress and I suspect the tale is used to encourage young upstarts to rush to take the rock before their careers can fully begin. However, if one were to take the rock, surely glory and reputation would follow.

I vow we shall take the Rock by year’s end! -One-Boot

Old Captain Mutiny

As a punishment and warning to his crew, a captain once flayed the mutinous corpse of his first mate and hung it as a figurehead. The crew took to calling it Old Captain Mutiny until a number of officers were mysteriously slain near the ships bow. Being a superstitious lot, the crew then threw the figurehead overboard, somewhere near Slipcove.

A curious tale to be sure, but if the figurehead is cursed, we may do well to steer clear. -Brook

Yet another morality tale illustrating the pitfalls of treating a crew with cruelty rather than respect. -One-Boot

Snare of the Island Eater

Some cannibalistic kuru tribes of the Shackles tell of an enormous monster that devoured an entire tribe. It’s hunger ran unchecked until a priest captured it in a shark’s egg. Rumors tell of a ship returning to port with a shark’s egg that no one dares get wet.

Another curiously ambitious tale. I wonder if there’s any truth to the egg being found. Tragen has a way with the creatures of the sea, perhaps I will ask him if such a monster is possible. -Brook

Could be trouble, but possibly a powerful weapon to use against our foes. How would Harrigan fare against this beast, I wonder? -One-Boot

The Writhing Effigy

Once thought to be Gozreh’s relic, this green effigy is now thought to be created by the skum followers of Dagon, the Terror of the Deeps. Many sailors say that, while beautiful, it will fray the sanity of any man possessing it.

Yikes. Dagon’s holy relic. Let’s hope we never run into something like that! -Brook

I agree. Some things deserve to be consigned to the darkest depths. -One-Boot

Brook's Collected Rumors of the Fever Sea

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