General Game Rules

Please keep your characters updated on the website using the “Pathfinder RPG Universal Character Sheet” template.

Character Creation:

  • 15 Point-Buy Method
  • Core Races + Tengu & Goblin
  • 1 Campaign Trait selected from the Skulls and Shackles Player’s Guide, and 1 other trait subject to GM approval.
    • Replacement characters will select one from the book but can come up with a slightly different reasoning for the bonuses.


  • Movement: Diagonal movement always costs 1 square of movement.
  • Invisibility: A creature that cannot be seen by an opponent can benefit from flanking bonuses, but cannot grant them.
  • Healing: Healing granted below 0 hit points will begin the character at 0 and count up. (i.e. a character at -5HP, who receives 4 points of healing, will be at 4 hit points.)
  • Spell Effects: Spell effects do not end when the caster falls unconscious or dies. They continue for full duration and cannot be dismissed in such a condition.

Restricted Classes:

  • Paladins: Paladins are banned from this campaign. The themes of this campaign do not align with a paladin’s code of conduct.
  • Summoners Summoners are banned from this campaign. This class is way out of balance with the rest.

Ability/Skill/Spell Changes:

  • Rogue Talent – Offensive Defense: This ability does not stack with itself, and the bonus caps out at the number of Sneak Attack dice available to the Rogue based on their level.
  • Dirty Trick Combat Maneuver: The status effects from this maneuver do not upgrade upon additional applications of the status (i.e. intimidate skill.)

Restricted Feats

  • Antagonize: This feat is banned.
  • Leadership: This feat is not banned, but there are heavy restrictions as follows:
    • The primary NPC cohort must be an existing campaign NPC with a friendly or higher attitude towards you.
    • The NPC will be allowed minor (GM-approved) re-design to enhance levels, equipment, and abilities to the correct level.
    • The NPC will remain played by the GM at all times, but will listen to general instructions. The NPC’s dice will be rolled by the player during combat.
    • If multiple characters have the leadership feat, only one cohort will travel with the party when not on the ship.
    • Followers cannot take item creation feats, with the exception of ones granted specifically by their class such as Scribe Scroll for Wizards.
    • Followers will remain as additional crew members for the ship(s).


  • Firearms: This campaign uses the “Emerging Guns” setting for firearms. Advanced firearms may exist, but they must be found and cannot be purchased or crafted.

Rules Clarifications

  • Combat Maneuvers and Weapons: You can use any weapon when performing a combat maneuver that uses an “Attack Action” (typically disarm, trip, and sunder) and add the enhancement bonus of the weapon to your CMB for the maneuver.
  • Combat Maneuvers and Weapon Finesse: This feat does allow the use of DEX instead of STR for combat maneuvers that involve a weapon that can be finessed (typically disarm, trip, and sunder)
  • Crane Wing: This feat negates the damage from a Melee Weapon Attack, but does not work against spells, touch attacks, or combat maneuvers. Note that it only negates the damage from the attack, additional effects from the attack may still apply (i.e. grab, energy drain, paralysis, contact poison, etc…)

General Game Rules

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