Agasta Smythee

"Always remember my dear, I can break you"


She was once a rare beauty, but now in her middle years she has filled out her big-boned frame into a stocky matron, though she still remains a handsome, if rough-edged, woman.


Widow of Iron Bert Smythee, Lady Agasta is of legitimately noble birth, albeit a far-sprung offshoot of a long-exiled Galtan family. She maintains a commanding presence and rules Tidewater Rock like a countess on a Galtan estate, not afraid to give a misbehaving servant or unruly guest the rough side of her tongue.

The most recent lord of Tidewater Rock was Bertram Smythee, captain of the Vale and three other brigs. Like his predecessors, he held Tidewater Rock as his seat, but controlled a few other small castles on surrounding islands as well. Over a decade ago, “Iron Bert” Smythee went to sea with his daughter Jessica Smythee, commanding a small fleet in a feud with Free Captain Carola Antiochus. They were never seen again.

Word came back that Antiochus had lured Smythee into the edges of the Eye of Abendego and ambushed him with the help of a previously unknown ally—one Barnabas Harrigan—and that Smythee’s fleet was cut to pieces between the enemy fleets. Though Captain Smythee managed to sink Antiochus’s Pergador, he was last seen on the deck of the crippled and sinking Vale at the mercy of the Eye’s hurricane winds.

Agasta Smythee

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