"E-Roe like fire!"


An overweight older Tian with a full white beard. Upon close inspection you can see that his clothes used to be of a very fine make but years of neglect have made the quality almost unnoticeable. His lip seems to be caught in a permanent scowl and everyone he meets thinks he either has a speech impediment or his head isn’t right.


E-Roe, born Iroh Mako, was once a very powerful flame oracle. He served as an adviser to his nephew, Aang, who was next in line to head their family’s noble house. However Iroh was betrayed by his apprentice. A man with delusions of grandeur named Shyamalan. Shyamalan poisoned Iroh’s drink and with his betrayal also poisoned the old man’s legacy. The poison caused Iroh to have a severe stroke and upon his recovery found his speech was severely impaired. He could no longer complete the verbal components to his spells and soon lost favor with his gods. When Aang was elevated to the status of Avatar of the family he banished his uncle in a fit of rage. Aang could no longer tolerate his uncle referring to him as Aauvater Aaaung. Henceforth E-Roe has been making his humble way at sea. Defeated and depressed he never speaks of his former life.


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