Flavious the “Taster”

"One sweet trade is much like the other. You will get the shaft in both."


A handsome young man in his early twenties. He has long flowing black hair and olive skin but his heritage is impossible to tell. To the delight of the women of the crew (and some of the men) Flavious seems to have an aversion to being overly dressed. He was obviously groomed from an early age for a singular purpose.


Flavious the “Taster” started his career in a brothel in Bloodcove. His good looks and charms had him move quickly up through the ranks until he was a favorite of the Madam of the house, Big Bertha. He claims that he got his name as the Taster because Big Bertha was exceptionally paranoid and had him taste all of her food before she ate in the chance that someone was trying to poison her. Although rumor on the ship is that isn’t all he tasted.

Flavious the “Taster”

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