A middle aged dwarf with a neatly trimmed red beard. Quiet and typically keeps to himself. Works hard and never seems happy.


Well it is a horrible story. You see I am from under the mountain, I owned a brewery with a bar attached it wasn’t glamouros but it was me life. I was married but she was lost in an attack by drow years back. Then it was just me and my little girl Matilda.

Things were in turmoil under the mountain, the king was sick and his son was dead in the war with the drow. So his brother was in line for the throne, which wasn’t horrible but his son Wilfried was a holy terror.

See he came into the bar one day and was bragging about he was in line to be the king, many of the dwarves in the bar took offense but there wasn’t much to do as he had guards with him. Finally I tried to cut him off but he got belligerent and had his guards grab me and hold me down. He said I wasn’t no true dwarf and if I wasn’t I didn’t deserve to have a beard. He came at me with a knife and began to saw off my beard. The thing was you see was nobody was paying attention my Matilda. She snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the side.

Thats when all hell broke loose. Wilfried whipped out his sword and cut her, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I tried to rush to help her but his guards began beating me. Eventually I lost consciousness, when I came around I was in a dungeon.

I was there for days, they barely fed me and didn’t let me clean my wounds. Wilfried came to see me finally to tell me all the horrible things he had done to my daughter. He didn’t look well,Mattie must have hit him in a kidney or the liver, hopefully he’s dead. He told me he had killed her.

A friend of mine helped me get out of the dungeon. They helped me make my out of the mountain and gave me some money. I decided the last place anybody would look for me was out on the oceanso I joined the Storm’s Herald.

I was content to live out my days here until I saw an old colleague of mine in port. I tried to get away but he caught up to me. He couldn’t believe I was alive and not trying to save Matilda. I looked at him funny, “what do you mean?” He told me he had heard from servants that Wilfried had a young girl locked up in a room and didn’t allow anyone to see her, he only assumed it must be Matilda. Who knows what horrors he has visited upon her.

Now I have had some time to think about it and it is hard to believe Wilfried kept her alive. I am torn as what to believe, I don’t want her left there if she is alive but it may be trick to catch me again. I realize we are pirates and there might not be any money in this but I was wondering if there was anything you thought you could do to help me figure out if it’s her, and if it is how to get her out. Well will you help me Master Wavestrider?


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