Sy Lonegan

"What happens in the ropes, stays... dead. Watch your back."


A lithe, quick woman wearing dark pirate clothes and covered in tattoos watches the crew as she sharpens her blade.


‘Slippery’ Sy Lonegan is a nasty piece of work, or thats what is going round the ship anyhow and the dark glint in her eye would seem to agree. No-one has seen her do any dark work but she keeps that blade close and sharp at all times. She’s good-looking enough, except no man is brave enough to try and touch her.

Rumors around the Wormwood are that she is the cause of more than a few “accidents” in the rigging, and is the current plaything for Master Scourge.

*Died in the rigging during a violent storm on the Wormwood by the hands of Corvus.

Sy Lonegan

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