Cromarcky's Journal Entry 44 - First half of the Regatta

Hello mother,

While I don’t want to count my blessings yet, I will say that I’m quite shocked and amazed on how well we are doing on his ship. Captain Bevel has not personally thanked me yet, but I’m sure he appreciates the fact that I became his number two on the ship. I’m amazed and terrified at the course thus far and somehow relieved that Bevel brought in the massive tank of a ship.

The race started out well enough, in mere minutes we alerted the Hurricane King that we lied to him and destroyed part of Pierce’s ship, eliminating one of our allies from the race. I trust that Bevel made that move only in his drunkenness and not because he was jealous of our friend. Afterwards the next few obstacles were nothing too harsh, and even with some wrong directions we were still pretty far ahead from our initial start.

The best part about the race is the fact that we’re neck in neck with the Wormwood and the Carrion Crow! It’s amazing that around six months ago we were cleaning that ship, and now nearly everyone who has left it is a Free Captain! That is a fact that I dare not rub into Harrigan’s face, but something that brings a smile to mine. Desna delivering so far, we have only met him in passing. The closest we got so far was seeing both those ships in battle! I nearly wanted to help them, but I told you I would win the race, and I plan to. Harrigan will fall soon enough and Corvus will understand, if he still lives.

The best part about the whole race however, is that we outran a dragon turtle! This ancient creature of much wisdom is now doubting his own powers due to our super barge. It was amazing, we distracted it and I was able to sneak right by it and tag the writ. Saved a cleric of great use and power all while it did not know what happened! I can say this race will leave no shortage of stories to tell at it’s end.

The last thing that hangs on my mind, if all of these things are guarding the points when he designs the race, I can only wonder how the other races were formed, and all of the tools that the Master of Gales used here, must have been used to his benefit in the past races. A sight that makes me cringe. We only have to deal with his little boyfriend of a captain, a man who I saw at the beginning and haven’t seen since, I can only hope the Wormwood has caught him early, the second time I’d ever be cheering for Harrigan.

We’re pulling up to the next marker! Time for me to run. My next message will be after the race.

Cromarcky's Journal Entry 44 - First half of the Regatta

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