Cromarcky's Story Entry 24 - Raiding the Blue Nixie

Three ships had met in the middle of the Fevered Sea, and one precious item on the Blue Nixie was to be the reward of the battle. A quick meeting in the cabin was called to discuss war plans for the new intruder. Captian wanting to keep the same plan as before, to take down both ships. Cromarkcy as bosun felt the safer way for the crew would be to let them fight it out and take the victor of the battle, but deep down a call that she had hoped would be overturned as the thrill of battle had been lost for sometime with the minor skirmishes they have had in the past few weeks. Who would have thought that she would actually miss the amount of excitment on the Wormwood even with the amount of bad luck that Desna threw onto her.

The new unidentified ship slowed a bit to see what the intentions of the Storm’s Herald would be, and before they knew it the Herald took to a burst of speed to reach the Nixie first. Within minutes the Nixie was boarded by Cromarcky, Bevel, and the captain had all boarded to engage the officers. A quick duel had the scoundrel of a captain on the Nixie dead and victory of the first ship was assured. Looking out, the other ship had new plans as they moved into ramming position against the two ships. Quickly dividing the crew, both ships took wind and moved before they could contact.

As they closed it was all but apparent that the group from earlier, the adventurer’s where the ones of the ship and they had a similar goal in mind. A crazy manic of a man, Zan, was at the helm of their ship. Itching for a chance to board one of the ships. Cromarcky admired the blood lust and full confidence in his skills, as it almost mirrored her exactly. The one thing she did pride however in her thoughts was that she would have at least made sure that others were ready to board right behind her, this man clearly did not care if he was alone or not.

After a few narrow misses, a different man entirely managed to board the Nixie. Tolin Kientai, a name that Cromarcky would not forget was a man of precision, clarity, and more than enough skill to back up his blade. As during a ramming attempt, he jumped across and managed to strike a solid blow against Cromarcky. Knowing she couldn’t take another attack like that she readied to disappear, but paused for a moment. Looking to her right was Bevel, the old man who’s stories would stretch out like dull rusted chains, slowly strangling whoever they were pointed at in boredom, was the only other man next to this devil of a swordsman. Armed with a crossbow, she thought that one of them were not going to walk away from the fight. Cromarcky looked quickly at her holy symbol, and knew that there was too much left for her to do, she needed to find her mother, and prove her worth.

With a quick motion, Cromarcky’s body burst into water and the real woman was halfway across the deck. Stealing a glance back, she saw a grim sight. Barely moving his blade, the man with only a few slices and twists had pulled Bevel’s pants down to his ankles, hat turned and pulled to his chin, knocked to the ground and he managed to catch his crossbow before it feel and for good measure spun it around his sword twice and slung it off the boat. Before she managed to heal up with the potions hidden around her body, she saw another sight that was even more astonishing. Tolin was helping Bevel up! Had he not gashed her across the chest, she might have released a laugh. Adventurers are a crazy sort, maybe out of their group the only sane one was Zan! They have so much confidence that they would help their enemy to their feet? This was a thought that Cromarcky would have to think about at a less stressful time but one that could be exploited later if needed.

It was shortly after that the man entered the lower deck and returned with the “key”, a ring in fact from the looks of it. Even with Moussa, the captain, and even the now insane Bevel, they couldn’t keep him occupied long enough before his invisible accomplice teleported them off the ship. A move that signals to Cromarcky that every single one of these adventurers were a force to be reckoned with. It was only now that Cromarcky looked at the battle scene and quickly realized that it was fading quickly behind them.

Looking back she saw a move that even Besmara herself would have been proud of. The Storm’s Herald with a skeleton crew had managed to sink the other ship with no gunner, no warriors, and with a damaged sail. Also they managed to spot the Lotus Dragons in the water because they sailed their boat at what seemed to be a empty spot of sea, but quickly became engulfed in flames which did nothing to slow the ship down. Cromarcky thought Brook must have been at the wheel because Tragen seemed too safe to attempt such a dangerous maneuver, but the stories later all pointed to the blood thirsty sea lord, Tragen at the wheel. A move that almost finished the adventurers and also the ship at the same time, it was not enough to stop them for getting away with a flash of light, and with the key we were sent to retrieve.

Cromarcky was upset at first when they left, but realized that at least the Nixie would fetch a nice price, and that it would take months to get the second key for the vault, so there was still time to fetch it back and also get some revenge against the Lotus Dragons, especially Tolin.

While limping back to port, there were two areas that caught the groups eye. The first a nasty piece of swamp area, that was rumored to hold a powerful lich pirate lord. Of course this was a rumor, but one that the Hurricane King himself believed in as the bounty on this imaginary lich was high indeed and personally set by him. One that the Hurricane King himself fears is a pirate that Cromarcky wanted nothing to do with and luckily neither did the captain at the moment.

The next stop was the legendary “good luck” fort that was overheard multiple times. Tidewater Rock was an old fort that was good luck for the pirates that can take it. Having some free time, the ships were pulled around the island and the group snuck into the bay through the jungles. A good plan indeed, because two ships were in dock in the rumored fort. One was the now owner of the port, “Large Assets” which could mean many things in relation to the lady of the fort, and the other was the “Dominator” a Chellaxian Man-O-War which is a well known pirate hunting ship.

Thinking back on the rumors, Cromarcky wondered if this was home to the Dominator. It would make sense, a sort of hazing rumor to lure large ego’d beginner pirates to their swift doom, or maybe they heard of the rumors as well, and decided to see if a pirate had already taken the fort. Eitherway, no damage on the ship lends to the fact that its home lies here, and that taking this fort might be something for further down their careers. A fact that does not mean that a little trouble making for them would not be a great diversion for the moment…

Cromarcky's Story Entry 24 - Raiding the Blue Nixie

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