Dark Deals

I had been drinking.

Not too much mind you, but enough to dull the senses. I was out and about during al the revelry before the regatta. I had managed to get away from the people I met when I first came ashore. I was much closer to the big parties now, hosted by some pirate lord or another. That’s when I saw Cyvantris walking through the crowd, she seemed to have a destination in mind and for once, thank Gozreh, it didn’t seem to be me.

She had a cloak pulled low like she didn’t want to get noticed so I stayed back in the crowd just keeping her in my vision. She looked around every once in a while but never seemed to notice me, she definitely seemed like she was in a hurry. After a few moments it seemed clear that she was headed towards the largest tent. I waited a few moments and then headed in, I could see her maneuvering amongst the crowd and headed towards a large table to he side.

It was then I saw who was sitting at the head of the table, it none other than Tsadok Goldtooth. I am not sure he was expecting her but he didn’t seem to mind when she sat down, but then again most men don’t mind when Cyvantris sits with them.

They spoke quietly between themselves for a few moments and then Tsadok got a crooked grin on his face. By this time I had moved close enough to make out some of what was said, “So you must expect something in return for this information, I can think of a few ways I can repay you.” Tsadok said as he leaned closer to her.

“You misunderstand my intentions in telling you this Tsadok,” Cyvantris leaned back from him, “I need you to make someone a free captain.”

Tsadok grinned, “Well I will see what I can do, we will talk after the race. For now enjoy a few rounds on me before you head back to that thing your captain calls a ship.”

She stayed and had a few drinks, really just to grease the wheels. Then she left and headed back to Thomas’ ship. I flew back to the Herald just as the sun was rising thanksful that I had a bit of time before the regatta. I am not sure who she had just keel hauled but I was sure nothing good would come of it.

Dark Deals

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