Fishing Daze

As the Storm’s Herald approached the Blue Nixie something was off. Tragen was still sitting in the same position they had left him fishing over the side of the boat, but most of the skeleton crew was scrubbing the deck and nobody seemed to be doing the salvage work.

Captain Brandr called, “Ahoy the ship!” Tragen Replied, “Yup.”

Cromarky, “Everything alright?” Tragen, “Yup.”

Brooke, “Anything we need to know about?” Tragen, “Not really.”

Brandr clearly frustrated, “What do you mean not really? Did something happen or not? Why is the crew cleaning the deck and not finishing the salvage?”

Tragen pulls his line in and attaches a large tentacle to the line before throwing it back in. “Nothing. A couple of things. Too much blood.”

Brandr turns red but before he can say anything Thomas speaks up, “I remember this time when I spent a whole day fishing and nothing happened. It was 20 years..”

“Permission to speak catain”, shouted Rock Gut.

“Granted”, Brandr said clearly frustrated.“Maybe you can shed some light on the happenings here.”

“Well we started the salvage and things were going well. Master Tragen was keeping watch up here and his friend, I believe he calls him Gnasher, was watching down below. Then things started happening. A rope broke and Duke Ortega was caught underneath the net that was haulin up the plunder. Tragen swam down and cast a spell and a creature came and pulled Ortega through the earth to safety. Then while he was down here some Gobtopuses attacked the ship. It looked like they was gonna overrun the ship but Master Tragen and Gnasher made it back just in time. I would almost swear that some of those ugly bastards seemed happy to see Gnasher for all of a second before he bit them in half. Master Tragen came aboard with what looked like a trident made of lightning and began slaughtering those bastards. We rallied behind him and killed them to the last one.”

“Then a large shark showed up. Master Tragen just looked at it for awhile then it ate a bit and then just left peacefully. He then said that it was too dangerous to do anymore salvage so we should clean up after the fight and get back to it tomorrow. Really Captain, if he weren’t here we’d all be dead.”

Brandr,“All this true Master Tragen?” Tragen pulled a large fish out of the water before attaching another piece of now identifiable Gobtopus to the line and throwing it back in. “Yup.”

Fishing Daze

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