Have I Ever Told You

Gather round young bloods. Have I ever told you the story of how I started my first voyage? Well it all started with Sailing Again. I forgot how long the begining of my story is lad. Go fetch me some rum so I can continue. What? Speak up you fancy jacket if you are going to interrupt me. What about the tattoo of One Boot on my arse? Don’t distract me with silly questions. Speaking of embarrassing. Well That is Embarrassing.

Don’t stare at me like that with your mouth agape lads. It is all a true story. Of course then there was this time when I was blown up by a note. I mean Who Does That? Which reminds me of This time of year. A sad story that, but Where was I? Ah yes I remember. My first voyage.

So there I was staring up at the Silver Lining. A beautiful sailing ship if ever there was one. It had been a fanciful night. I had become a man by bedding my first woman. Ran away from home. Helped put out a fire created by a divine wrath. Speaking of fire did I ever tell you of the time Tragen rammed some silly adventurers who thought they could hide behind a wall of fire with the Storm’s Herald? Yes? Well would you like to hear it again? No? Young bloods these days. See back in my day there was little in this world better than a good story. See my father used to say the great thing about a story was in the retelling. It lets you relive your favorite tales.

But where was I. Ah yes the Silver Lining. Even though I was being apprenticed to a man I didn’t know on a ship I had never heard of I felt free for the first time. I stepped on board and witnessed the wonders of the ship before me in awe. I knew that despite all I had lived through my life was only now truly beginning. That day was the start of my great adventure. I didn’t know where it would take me but somehow I knew that in the end it would be a story worth telling.

Have I Ever Told You

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