It seems as if it has been forever since seeing regular people in day to day activities. I say knowing full well these people live on an island owned by pirates(essentially). Despite that most of these people are just workers, farmers, servants, housewives and fishermen. I see many things that make me think of home, well what used to be my home. While it is good to see that the world isn’t just full of pirates, monsters, aspis, pathfinders, lords and ladies, it is also a little painful. I think I will explore the island and see where I can help these people.

They don’t grow any food here but they do raise sheep, with a little magic I have ensured they will have plenty of vegetation for thier sheep in the coming year. I also looked over thier sheep to make sure they were in good health with no apparent diseases.

I asked Royster if I could possibly expand the hidden grotto a litle on the inside he seemed apprehensive but I told him I would do nothing to compromise the defensive nature of it. I again used my connection with nature to cut through the stone with my hand and sculpt new defensive positions and rooms to house our ever expanding crew. Newly Lord Thomas became aid in my endeavor as he helped me decide how to best design the new rooms so they would be stable.

When I finished with this I used some time to work with Thomas on some defensive positions lining the harbor. He seems to have taken his new marriage very seriously. I would not have pegged Thomas as the serious type but I have seen him working quite hard to help out these people the last few days and he dotes on his new wife. I think being a lord may agree with Thomas, it definitely has made the crew happier as he hasn’t started a new story since his wedding.


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