Morgana Journal Entry 10 - Day 12 on the Wormwood (The Derelict Ship)

Mother, today was the most exciting day I’ve had yet on this ship. If this is what I have to look forward to as a Pirate, I’ll take lashings every day just to stay on this ship. I can imagine days like this are a mornings day walk on the beach where you are mother.

This is also out of order but I have to say I’m now in love, or extremely terrified. Most likely both of our wicked Captain Harrigan. He is by far the most pirate of a man I’ve seen yet!

It started today as being a runner yet again, nice and easy duty. Not even an hour passed and a ship was sighted! This one was abandoned and wrecked however, so they just wanted to send out an exploration crew. Bastard Plugg actually sounded impressed by us from yesterday, or just didn’t want to look at us so he sent off the same group of us from yesterday. This time we actually got a boat, and a dedicated rower, a man that we really haven’t seen much on the boat Kipper and after today a fact that I wish to remedy.

As we rowed closer to the boat, I talked a bit to Kipper and learned that as long as we gave the Captain the biggest piece of plunder that any small trinkets and items are ours to keep. Looking at the ship, that did not look promising as is was in massive disrepair and with all of the masts actually torn off, I was actually surprised to find anything in the boat. Kipper pulled back from the boat once we determined the signal to call him back, in fear of the ship sinking. Once on the boat, we found that it hosted unusual set of creatures on board. First thing we found in the Captain’s cabin was a very out of place and strange altar, to the “skulls on spikes” god. Second was that the guardian of this part of the boat was a large centipede. The papers around the area showed that this boat docked near some island that was home to many orcs and many insects. Also some very nice rubies were in this room as well, the first real money I’ve gotten yet.

The next room had the most terrifying thing I’ve seen yet. In the Officers quarters we found many large spiders which after my last incident was already hard to stand up against, but shortly after that, a swarm of spiders attacked from the rear. Mother, when I say a swarm I mean that every single spider I have ever seen, killed, and dreamed off had each raised a small army of vengeance and was looking for revenge against us. There was no hope of combating all of them so with quick thinking I took the tangle foot bag I had and slammed it into the center of the mass once Corvus and Brook moved free. With nearly all of them caught in the goo, we started doing what was only common sense mother. We pried up the boards of the ship that the spiders were stuck to and threw it into the ocean, and with no time to spare as the goo was hardening and cracking with each second passing.

All of this attracted the new owner of this ship, a large and fearsome orc fighter. He came out during the commotion and tried to set my armor on fire. I was lucky to resist the heat and we set off after him. He was not alone as he had a pet scorpion which immediately lunged at us when he was getting out matched. I’ve started to get most of my training back as I nearly skewered that scorpion to the wall with my blade. The orc was far more durable as he was vicious in his attacks and nearly claimed us all. After he tired of beating us with his club, he started throwing fire at me mother! After taking one directly to the chest, Tragen healed me and I readied my next attack. As soon as I moved in, he scorched me again and this time it knocked the wind out of me. I had to lean against the wall to even get to my potion which I just got from Tragen earlier that week. Corvus delivered the final strike and then ate his eye which seemed to have a visible effect on him. That was very helpful for the cargo hold and also scary to know that he really does that. The armor he had on him was very nice and Corvus in his usual self wanted to improve his look with his new armor and shield.

We also found undead that was wrapped up from the spiders, which I actually thank the spiders for giving us easy targets as we were all starting to get worn out from the repeated bites of spiders, especially Brook. What was amazing is that the one of the undead must of been a noble traveling with them, as the earrings were amazing and the belt was practically priceless. We may have to hold off selling that to Grok as she probably wouldn’t appreciate the fine quality of that belt like a noble would.

In the cargo hold, most of which was covered in water, we found one very nice looking chest. It stuck out from all of the other boxes that were waterlogged and looked untouched from time and orcs. It’s protector, what I learned is a ghoul, leaped out and attacked us. It must have forgotten how to fight as it clawed helplessly against Corvus’s new armor, barely scratching him. The chest was well worth the fight, and with rope in hand and Brook waiting above we were ready to move it out.

Tragen’s look changed to worry after looking in the water, as he seemed to know ahead of time that the ship’s destroyer came back to finish the job. It was a enormous squid, the largest creature I have ever seen on this world mother, and we were surrounded by it! We grabbed the chest and as fast as we could we moved over to the grate to pull it up. The ship was shaking at all moments and even with all their muscles Brandr and Corvus were having trouble keeping the chest moving and themselves standing at the same time. Quickly we hauled it up and no sooner than we did the bottom floor flooded from the crushing tentacles.

Once we started moving up we sent Tragen and Brook to flag down Kipper. During this whole event, the rest of the creatures on the boat were stirring and even attacked me as I lead the chest up to the deck. Once on the deck we secured the chest to remaining piece of the mast which was extremely smart of Brandr since the squid started pulling the boat down on the port side. It almost got me as I barely could hold but with the ropes we lowered down the barnacled side now revealed from the water. We didn’t have time to navigate and all of us slid down the ropes onto the boat. Tragen, being one with the water swam quickly ahead of us to warn the Captain of the threat and hopefully to provide some support fire to scare the squid off.

We were only halfway to the Wormwood when the squid decided that it was done playing with the boat and decided that our skiff was the next thing on its crushing order. I was cursing Desna as I saw it coming closer and closer, then the most strangest thing happened. I saw our Captian and Peppery Longfarthing standing on the water next to us! In the middle of the ocean, just the two of them. Then the Captain just tackled the squid by himself. One man versus a behemoth of a creature. Even after rowing to our boat everyone was looking at the crazy man and the squid fighting in the middle of the ocean. A minute later he comes back with the heart of the monster, victorious and showing us exactly why he is the Captain of this ship. It was amazing mother, I am still wide eyed from the sight.

Afterwards we showed him the chest and that made him very happy, lucky for us he did not notice the belt, as that will be our ticket to our own ship one day. He also gave us the rest of the day off, a blessing that I do plan to abuse with the best wines Grok might have and soon to be reunited with the final piece of my master’s gear, the buckler.

Morgana Journal Entry 10 - Day 12 on the Wormwood (The Derelict Ship)

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