Morgana Journal Entry 9 - Day 10 and 11 on the Wormwood

Alright mother, it’s been a crazy couple days on the Wormwood. Desna must be on vacation because my extraordinary bad and good luck has calmed for the moment, no doubt she is pulling back like a viper, ready to strike once more at any moment. I’m growing far more comfortable around the ship and have actually gone a full week without a whip kissing my back.

Today’s duties were mostly repairs on the ship from sailing in that crazy storm, and still no sight of the ship that Brandr came from. Compared to working the bilges, these repairs were no problem at all. I finished my repairs in plenty of time to visit my dear friend Sy’s locker and finally put my friends to use. I popped her lock easily and claimed what she no longer needed, thanks to my dark feathery friend. I closed it back up afterwards in hopes they won’t notice till another recruit takes that spot.

Bloody hour came and it was time for me to pay up for Corvus’s heroics. I moved over to Sandara and told her that I owed him one and to help ease his lashes. She was hesitant, but thankfully she agreed and stepped off. I don’t know what she did mother, but when his lashes came up, only after all six lashes, did he finally falter. I’ll definitely make sure to reward Sandara for her help. That night was calm, I wanted to thank Ratt for keeping the whole ordeal quiet. The rest of the night passed quietly.

The next day I was a runner, finally they seem to be actually assigning me duties that match my talents! I was able to find Jack while moving around, and wanted to see if he would be so kind to show me the other side of the boat, the dreaded Captain Harrigan’s quarters. Unlike the officers quarters, he did not even dare show me, but gave me a good time to see for myself. After the bloody hour and right before rum rations is the only chance he said, and one day I intend to test that out, after all I’m going to have my own boat someday mother, and I want to know what kind of living arrangements I get.

Shorty after our talk we were summoned to the deck. The captain requested crabs for dinner and there actually was a reef nearby that had some. As with usual tastes Bastard Plugg has us actually swim out two hundred feet to the reefs ourselves with no boat, and another thing that I hope to one day pay him back for. I got to travel with the same group that helped with the rats, and now Brandr as well. Brook the Cook was put in charge and we were off to collect crabs. Once there we came across some creatures called Reef Claws and Brook told us that they were even better tasting than the crabs so we went after them. Sadly Corvus and Brandr take their jobs very seriously, and before I could even move to attack, they had dispatched them already. Tragen also introduced us to the most hideous “friend” I have ever seen, Bitey which helped greatly in the Reef Claw battle.

Today’s blood hour was actually empty again and again the captain seemed upset at that. This is the only time I don’t actually mind upsetting the captain and hope that he gets upset far more often. Brook gave the Captain one of the Reef Claws and he seemed to really enjoy it, Plugg and Tragen got the others, which I would be upset about but the crab was already a good change and I know Tragen earned his.

That night was a far more steamy night than usual, as it looked like Sandara wanted to help Brandr with his wounds… personally and even Rosie was ready to repay the favor of her fiddle to Tragen although I’m not sure he had much choice in that one. Brook took to the stand again with our story of the Reef Claws and even talked me up a bit in the story. Even though he seems to huddle under Bastard Plugg underside, he still does a damn fine job of making me smile. This did give me time to visit some of the other crew mates I haven’t really talked to, and Tilly now had an open spot next to her at the card table. Conchobhar tried to apply his best moves on me and as always I managed to resist his slimy approach. I learned much about Tilly and that she seems to be one of the best workers on the boat, the kind that actually loves her job. She told me that it would get to be really exciting once we find another ship. That is one thing I can’t wait for mother, I would make you so proud.

It is going to be hard to sleep tonight mother. Not only because I’m ready to prove my worth once we find that ship, but mostly because Rosie is still attacking Tragen.

Morgana Journal Entry 9 - Day 10 and 11 on the Wormwood

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