Morgana's Past 1 - Meeting Fushen (Level 2)

It’s been three weeks since the orphanage sent Morgana to Madam Rose to start her training in prostitution. “You’re a pretty girl, you’ll have a good life there.” The mistress of the orphanage told her. Morgana however, did not want to be anywhere near Riddleport. Not after her what Madam Rose did to her friend. She decided to try out some of her other qualities, namely her quick fingers and fast feet in case the fingers failed. Looking at her coin pouch she had almost three silver so far. Damn the gods, she thought knowing that the trip alone to the Shackles was a hundred gold easy not counting the papers and bribes to leave this city. There’s got to be some way to speed this up, maybe someone richer but not rich enough to have guards.

She soon found an old man dressed far better than most she’s seen lately and seems to be alone. Watching him further he just smiles to himself as he walks through town, in Riddleport this usually means that they are very rich or just suffering dementia. Moving through the crowd circling behind him Morgana readies her pocket knife to slice the pouch. Once she sees her opening she begins to spring to the attack, hoping to be done and gone before he knows what happens. As she reaches the pouch and touches her knife to it she feels a very strong hand grab hers and pulls her into a nearby alley and another hand around her mouth.

“Young girl, do you know why you are here?” he said with a far less smiling demeanor. Looking up she sees the old man has her and even with his frail look, has a grasp on her like that of a bear. He releases her into the alley blocking the exit. “Because you’re a creepy old man with a thing for young girls?” Morgana snapped back with a cocky smile. “Do you know why this creepy old man did not just cut off your hands when you put them near my money?” She looked at the only exit with the old man who is now armed with a very fine crafted blade. Where he hid that blade before she did not know but for now the best chance she had she thought was to play his game for the moment. “No, I don’t. Why don’t you tell me?” Morgana said with far less attitude this time. “I knew that you were going to try to take my money before you even moved behind me, that’s why I had that smile. I did not cut your hands off because I looked into your eyes and saw something in there. That look is the same look I had when I was your age. It had a feeling of freedom, and hope. I also saw much stubbornness and headstrong especially when you answered me. What is your name?” He looked, still with no emotion in his face. “Morgana Cromarcky” She answered, still wondering what this old man was getting to. “Ah, Cromarcky the owner of this city. I see that he cares for you much like he does for all his children. What of your mother, where is she?” Morgana jumped at that question, “She is far away, and she is one of the best pirates ever! She’s… well it doesn’t matter, you’ll just think I’m crazy like all the rest.” The old man’s smile came back, “We are all crazy young one, follow me and talk with a creepy old man for a bit longer and you’ll be free to go.” He gestures for her back out into the streets. She follows, now curious about this man.

“What are your dreams young one? Do they lie with your mother as well?” He asked while both now walked down the market street. “I want to find her one day, prove to everyone that I can be just like her and the best pirate ever! I’m trying to raise money to get to the Shackles, where the best pirates of all the world are there. I can learn from them and become strong enough to even show my dad who’s boss!” Morgana now happy that someone actually seems to listen to her. “Fine goals, but ones that take much work and much luck to achieve. You’ll need more help then just pick pocketing if you wish to get there. It will take training with both your body, and your mind.” The old man says, still walking through market street. “So young one, do you know why you’re here?” Morgana thought for a moment, still puzzled from the question she responded “Um, because you told me to follow you?” He smiled, “No, you’re here because you got caught.” Morgana raised an eyebrow, not sure how to respond when the man reaches out and hands her back her own money pouch. Surprised, she looked up at the man. “Would you like me to teach you how to not get caught?” She smiled and nodded. “My name is Kai Fushen, and I’ll make sure you become the best pirate your mother has ever seen young one.”

Morgana's Past 1 - Meeting Fushen (Level 2)

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