Overheard While Rowing

Captured and translated by Brook Wavestrider, Poet of the Shackles
set to music by Captain “One-Boot” Brandr Gunnarson

Come and Play!

Swim swimmy swim swim
Chase fishy fishes and poke ’em with a stick
Splash splashy splash splash
Catch fishy fishes and eat ’em up quick

Grindylows swim and grindylows play
Grindylows have fun night and day

Storm stormy storm storm
Surf wavey waves and balance on the lip
Flash flashy flash flash
Bright lighty lightning shows us all a ship

Grindylows storm and grindylows rain
Grindylows help steer with a chain

Bite bitey bite bite
Big fishy fish chases grindys to the deck
Crash crashy crash crash
Sharp rocky rocks make the shippy ship wreck

Grindylows bite and grindylows fight
Grindylows slip off in the night

Grab grabby grab grab
Two leggy legs slip and slide into the drink
Thrash thrashy thrash thrash
Now findy find ’em quick before they sink

Grindylows grab and grindylows snatch
Grindylows bring queen a fun new catch

Swim swimmy swim swim
We laughy laugh every night and every day
Splash splashy splash splash
The floaty float is sunk and two-legs gone away

Grindylows swim and grindylows play
Grindylows have— Hey, what’s that coming around the rocks?

Overheard While Rowing

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