The Wavestrider Interrogation 9 - The Ancient Stele

“We sold her family’s summer home for a few thousand gold using Cromarcky as a stand in. We tried to sell her home in Bloodcove to the Aspis, but her family was too far in debt. We got nothing.”

Conchobhar grabbed my hair, pulling back my head to meet his cold, dead eye. “What, no story? No long winded tale spun of shit and lies about your grand adventure in real estate? All it took was one little cut and that’s it? How disappointing. Are you sure you aren’t leaving anything out? Why approach the Aspis for the sale? Why not Shaduk? And I find it hard to believe the Aspis would mistake Cromarcky for a known Lady from Bloodcove.”

My head was still swimming in pain. I braved a quick glance at my shoulder. I was right, he did suck at dressing. He left some skin. If I ever got out of this, it might heal, but you didn’t have to be a healer to know that it was going to scar.

It took me a second, but I eventually reclaimed my wits. “I’m sorry. I just had a piece of my shoulder cut off by this psycho dick with a knife. In my distress, I completely forgot the uncollected debts we found in the vault. You are quite right, we did hope to collect on the debt owed by the Aspis to the Vanderboren family, but they are shrewd negotiators and I fear Cromarcky was not up to the task.”

“Uncollected debts? From whom?”

“Small debts here and there. The Aspis was the most sizable at 6,000 gold. The rest weren’t even worth collecting.” My lie was small, but the act of defiance gave me strength that I desperately needed. “Not to worry though, because we got another tip on a Pathfinder vessel hauling relics that the Aspis wanted to get their hands on. For some reason, they saw fit to hire us to claim them, but as we were to discover, we were not to only ship hired out.”

“The Aspis also hired the Devil’s Pallor to take the ship, but, unfortunately, the Free Captain Gortus Svard met an untimely end at Captain ‘One-Boot’ Gunnarson’s hand, leaving his ship crewed by insane goblins. We were lucky to salvage anything from the ships. The damned goblins had rigged their entire ship with Alchemist’s Fire. All told we ended up with a lot of rocks, but a few promising pieces, including a fascinating ancient stele.”

Conchobhar made a curious noise and let go of my hair. He began muttering to himself before composing himself. “What was so fascinating about this…stele was it?”

His poker face sucked. Perhaps this was what he wanted all along. Or perhaps he just saw another potential treasure. To be honest, I didn’t care. At the moment, he wasn’t cutting me up, so that was a win.

“Some sort of Cyclopian relic. I could barely make heads or tails of it. And I tried. Got a few nonsensical clues about ‘blue rings’ and ‘sharks’ and ‘centipede legs’. Damn thing was cryptic.”

Conchobhar put the knife up to my neck. “Tell me what it said.”

“Look, Besmara’s balls, man. I’ve been knocked around so much in the last day or so, I’m surprised I remembered that much. The writing on the stele had a slimy feel to it. Made it uncomfortable to think about for more than ten minutes at a time. If you give me a minute, let me keep telling my story, maybe more will come back to me.”

I felt the knife tense at my throat for a second before he relaxed and pulled it away. “Fine. Carry on.”

The Wavestrider Interrogation 9 - The Ancient Stele

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