Well That is Embarrassing

Enough of your teasing young blood it was embarrassing enough being put in my place by that adventurer without hearing the story over and over again from you. Almost as embarrassing as when I got knocked out by that priest of Abadar for telling him I would marry his daughter with or without his consent. That was back before my first journey aboard a vessel you see. Back when I was a young blood myself and more filled with piss and vinegar than you would believe capable of this patient and wise man you see before you now.

You see my father had just told me that on the morrow I would be setting sail on the Silver Lining as the carpenter Daffer’s apprentice. Oh you’ve heard this story? Well the best part of a story is that it let’s you relive the experience you see. So where was I? Ah yes well my mother, bless her soul, was reaming me out for speaking out of line to the local priest. Telling me if I thought my head hurt now I should just wait till my father got home and she would make sure I got a beating I would really remember. Usually I would take this as an idle threat as my father wasn’t one with a heavy hand. But I had a large bump on my head at the time and it made it hard to think clearly. And despite my father’s passive demeanor he had given me a beating to remember when I was younger so I knew the man capable he was so inclined to do so.

What you don’t believe me? No, no I can see it in your eyes. Well I have the proof right here lad. (Turning around and pulling my pants down just over my right butt cheek, continuing despite the audible groan) See here. That is the perfect image of his belt buckle, also the family crest as it happens to be. I’ve had that mark for 35 years now. My father let loose on me like Besmara raiding a ship carrying Cayden Cailean’s finest brew when she has a mighty thirst. I had pilfered three slack barrels that a customer was waiting on. Back in my day children had to come up with ways of having fun you see. So me and my buddies would take the slack barrels to the local dead man’s bluff and take turns stuffing one another into em and pushing each other down the hill. Well when my father finally got a hold of me he says to me he did “this belt buckle has shed the blood of your brother, your father, and my father before me. It appears the time has come for you to learn a lesson from it as well.”

What does that have to do with anything? Haven’t you been listening young blood. I know we are on a bloody ship but it would do you good to clean your ears out once in a while. What does it have to do with anything he says. Well if you were paying attention I had a lump on my head and my father had already told me I was bound to sea the next day. The last thing I wanted was to get shipped out with a lump on my head and a sore ass to boot. I didn’t know much about the sea, boy, but I knew my land lubber legs weren’t going to keep me safe from bumping my sore rear end. So I decided I would run out on me father before he got home seeing as he was ready to be well and rid of me as it were. I was good and determined this time. It wasn’t no young child’s fancy of running away either.

I had run away a few times as a wee lad. Who hadn’t? I remember the first time like it was just yesterday. My brother had just broken the handle on one of my fathers favorite saws you see. And unbeknownst to me had blamed it on me before I even knew the damned thing was broken. Well my father gave me a good whooping. Of course he didn’t use the buckle I just told ye when he used it on me. But that is besides the point. I was left sore bottomed never the less and sent to bed without supper. Thinking this mightily unfair I started to pack me things in a little linen sack I kept under my bed. Slipping out the window I made my way silently to my da’s shop. I knew he kept a couple apples and some pecans there fer when he was hungry. Of course back in those days I thought the little wooded lot behind our house was to about the end of the world so I held up in a little tree fort my brother and I had built there. The whole time thinking won’t they miss me. Brother will be sorry he blamed me and father would be sorry he didn’t believe me when they woke up the next day and found I had gone. Of course it didn’t take them long to find me and all I got out of it was another beating for my trouble.

Much like the beating I was about to receive for thinking I could sneak out without giving my father and brother a proper goodbye before heading out to sea. I ran up to my room just like I had when I was much younger. Grabbed the same linen sack and began packing my things. It was much to hard to squeeze through the window as I had grown you see. So I strolled right out the front door bold as can be.

To be continued… and continued… and continued…

Well That is Embarrassing

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